RIM Blackberry Playbook

18 May

Given that RIM basically produce what many see as robust business phones (I know they have handsets that come out of this grouping now), I am unsure where the Playbook will fit in and if it really gives you anything that other touchpads don’t already do and in some cases do better.

Heres an idea, why don’t RIM send me one to review?!!!

The reality is that I am not convinced given what I have seen on the web so far. It may get adopted by large businesses as they tech up from blackberry devices particularly to stock take or carry out real time on the floor activities integral to the business they are in. However, I am not sure the iPad or it’s competitors will not be more attractive. So the question is, will RIMs business/corporate credentials and exposure already, make the Playbook a success? It certainly looks like a device for business rather than pleasure particularly given the fact it sits hand in hand with a blackberry device (an essentiual partner for the Playbook to get anywhere), and that in itself may be a massive turnoff for the mass market. You do not need an Android phone for an Android tablet to work and give you full functionality and the same is true of iPad and iPhone. So I am a little puzzled as to why RIM would do the tablet in this way. It seems only die hard blackberry users will be attracted and perhaps this is where RIM wants ot excel… to it’s loyal client base. But at the end of the day, I know lots of Blackberry users and reality is that 9 times out of 10 they are only Blackberry users because of their employers choosing Blackberry and in their inside coat pocket or on the table on the train, they usually also pull out an iPhone or more rarely an Android phone as there handset of personal choice.

I am not sure RIMs Playbook helps them any in honesty.

Time will tell but I have my doubts.



2 Responses to “RIM Blackberry Playbook”

  1. Lindsay Gieck May 29, 2011 at 11:19 #

    nice phone. hope i can get it on contract renewal at globe telecom phils this coming october. looking forward to it. i love blackberry handsets.

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