Apple signs deal with music companies for iCloud licensing?

19 May

Some reports kicking around this morning giving a clear indication of Apples plans to introduce Cloud streaming to our Apple devices.  CNET is reporting a deal has been signed between Apple and EMI with other big players to closely follow.  So it now appears its a matter of when not if and perhaps Apples annual June announcement will be the time and place.

So what about new hardware to signal the release of iCloud streaming from Apple, we are some way off normal new iPod  announcements but with many reporting the iPhone update this year will not be until September, is it likely that Apple has switched the iPod and iPhone announcements this year in terms of their scheduling from past annual announcements?

We are likely to find out soon.  So June could be a big month, Lion OSX, iCloud, possible new hardware and a revised MobileMe offerring which has been rumoured for some time.  And then later in the yeat iPhone 4s or 5 and iOS 5?

Do you get the feeling the Apple machine is gearing to drop some pretty big announcements in the market?



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