Should Anyone Be Denied Internet Access?

14 Jun

The BBC’s Click show posted an interesting item on their website this weekend.  Well according to Frank La Rue, the UN’s Special Rapporteur, internet access should form part of everybody’s basic human rights which is a thought borne of the principle that the internet is a tool which contributes to the “progress of humankind as a whole”.

Check out the whole article and leave your comments below.  In a time when the internet is the subject of policy makers in governments across the world, especially with copyright infringement on the agenda, then this adds a very interesting viewpoint to the whole debate.  It seems you can get away with many things in life if you claim punishment or consequences are against your human rights, but the internet has been a positive tool in recent months particularly in spreading democracy and free speech, so really, should it not be available to all to protect civil liberties and as a basic form of communication?  Let me know your thoughts.



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