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Nintendo 3DS TV Launch

20 Jun

Nintendo has confirmed its 3DS TV service will go live in Japan tomorrow via a new app, “Itsu no Ma ni Terebi”,  from the Nintendo eShop.

The content will be provided by Fuji Television/Nippon Television and will be produced specifically for the 3DS service with shows available free, albeit, free with feature adverts.

The 3DS TV service has also been promised for Europe.  When the 3DS was first unveiled, Nintendo announced deals Sky & Aardman Animation.


HP Prepping Their Own iCloud Service?

14 Jun

It is being reported today that HP are in talks with major record labels regards their own Cloud based music service.  Their own service is said to be directly for HP OS devices.  Check out Steven Musil’s article on CNET which refers to a Billboard article sourcing the story.


Sky Go Announced

13 Jun

Sky have annouced that their mobile subscription phone service will be replaced by Sky Go…

From next month, all Sky TV customers will have the opportunity to watch Sky channels and programmes on PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets at no extra charge.

Available free to all Sky TV customers, Sky Go will provide flexible access to Sky content across multiple devices including the iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac. Launching on July 6 th , it brings together two existing services: Sky Player, Sky’s online TV service, and Sky Mobile TV, the UK’s largest mobile TV service, with these services rebranded as Sky Go . Offering even more value from the Sky subscription, this will allow customers to watch live linear channels in line with their subscription while on the move in the UK and Ireland.”

Sounds pretty good for Sky customers.  Our understanding is that the service will be available on iOS devices and Android as well as Mac and PC.  It will not however count towards your Xbox subscription.

Check out the full press release from Sky.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – David Fincher Style!

5 Jun

Well a trailer for the remake of the first of the best selling trilogy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has hit the web on Empire website.

It looks awesome and we can’t wait to see the movie which is released in December this year.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Tweet Your Photos!

2 Jun

So if you have not heard already, Twitter will be launching a new feature to their service allowing you to tweet your photos directly through tour Twitter account and Twitter mobile apps. Check out the You Tube video below.


DC Comics Embrace Digital Editions With Huge Announcement

1 Jun

If you are a fan of reading your comics from an iPad (as we are), then there was some great news today.

The news is that all new print comics from DC (Batman and Superman being the tip of the giant offerrings) will be released in digital format at the same time.  This is great news and the change is to take effect from 31st August 2011.  No announcement on any special arrangements for such downloads, we guess via the official iPad DC Comics App.

Now lets see how Marvel react.  Great to hear your views, is it the end of the traditional comic store (lets hope not)?


PS4 – No A New Playstation 4?

27 May

Just to confirm what you must have already assumed.  Sony are developing a new Playstation 4 or PS4 as some like to say.  That is according yo widespread reports today detailing quotes from Sony CFO, Masaru Kato on a conference call with investors asnwering questions about Research & Development costs.

Like us you are probably not surprised and whether you are or not, check out the concept pictures we posted not too long ago!

Also let us know what you would like to see from a PS4 in the comments section below.


First Glimpse Of Fifa 12 from EA Sports

27 May

FIFA 12 | Player Impact Engine Trailer | EA SPORTS Football

EA Sports have released the first glimpse of Fifa 12 boasting an incredible new Player Impact Engine.  Also however are a lot of the comments made by current Fifa gamers including a desire to sort our on line gaming issues and concentrating on flowing game play and so on.

What do you want from Fifa 12?  Let us know in the comments below.


Nike + GPS App Free For Limited Time on iTunes

24 May

The Nike +GPS app appears to be free for a limited time for your iPhone to celebrate the fact that Nike + is turning 5 years old.  The app uses GPS on your device rather than the Nike Shoe Insert so it is actually well worth checking out.

The app is pretty well put together with motivational messages etc and generally gets really good ratings on the App Store.


This weeks films…

19 May

Three films watched and to talk about this week;

Firstly Black Swan, awesome performance by Natalie Portman and really well directed by Darren Aronofsky, Natalie Portman plays a fragile ballet dancer pushed to her maximum and more poignantly to her breaking point in her life between her tutor, rival dancers and a mother who is a bit spooky dooky.  Well worth a watch even if I was pushed in to it by my female chimp!

The Next Three Days was pretty entertaining, Russell Crowe plays, well, Russell Crowe, and the build up to the end is okay.  Basically husbands wife convicted of murder while he has to stay at home, make ends meet and look after his son.  So if he did not have enough problems, he decides to break his wife out of jail after she fails in an attempt to take her own life.  The main question throughout the film for me was “Did she do it?” but I couldn’t possibly tell you the answer, just feel good that you do find out which for me was honestly a big relief at the end of the film making it just worthwhile watching it.  Watch it, unless you can only watch one of Black Swan or The Next Three Days!  (Don’t tell my wife I said that though).

Finally, a little old school now, but re-watched Toy Story 3 with the baby chimps.  Basically, it looks like it is the end of the line for Woody, Buzz and Co as Andy looks to ship out to college.  Basically, the Toy Story films just got better and better with each film and this one even made me almost cry…..ALMOST.  Great film for all occasions, will make you laugh, will make you cry (ah hum) and will make you feel like you didn’t just waste an hour and a half of your life in any way at all.  Enjoy!

All are available on iTunes, Love Film, Netflix, Blockbuster, Blu-Ray, DVD and anywhere good in your relevant country!

Best watched on AppleTV or Blu Ray.