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iCloud Just Around The Corner?

5 Sep





9to5Mac (click link to read) is reporting that the staff training for iCloud and iOS 5 may just be around the corner following shots from an internal RetailMe application used by staff.  As 9to5 point out, this time may be different to previous evidence but staff training usually precedes a couple of weeks or so before a release.

We will post if we see or hear anything else.



Is This The New iPhone 5?

10 Aug

Check out this video of what is being claimed to be a leaked webpage from Apple for the new iPhone 5.  Check out while you can as my guess is that Apple will get this off the web pretty quickly!


BGR Declares iOS 5 the Operating System To Beat

10 Jun






BGR have been testing iOS 5 and giving daily updates of Living with the operating system.  And the feedback is good with BGR declaring iOS 5 the one to beat.  With features such as iMessage beating Blackberry’s BBM service, the notifications app working so well, the Reminders App and tweaks to Mail all cited as filling the gaps that iOS previously had.

Can’t wait for a consumer version, hopefully it will be even better.  Also check out 9to5Mac for various other features they are constantly discovering within iOS 5.


New Apple Campus – The Mothership Has Landed

8 Jun

UPDATE: Mayor Gilbert Wong has been quoted as saying that the Apple plans for their new Campus will be suppoted.  “There is no chance we are saying no” to the Mothership, Wong said.

Steve Jobs presented plans to the Cupertino Council for a new Apple Campus.The campus will centre on a huge circular building with some ancilliary parking , R&D and Leisure buildings.  The site will also focus on increasing the green space with an increase in trees and decrease in developed floor space.

Take a look at the presentation below.  Looks pretty special and they have obviously taken time to consider the environmental issues facing such a large development including energy usage where they plan on using the national grid as a backup to an on site natural gas energy system.


Will iOS 5 Pack New Voice Control System

7 Jun

Super charged voice control features from iOS have been muted for a little while now but there was no announcement yesterday with the outing of iOS5 and it’s main features.  However, it was mentioned that iOS would have a lot more new features and tweaks.  Could a superior voice control system be on its way?

Since Apple acquired Siri last year and rumours of detailed talks between voice recognition experts Nuance, along with Nuance software creeping in to OS X Lion all points to a big new feature on it’s way.

But why no annoucnement yesterday.  Well the answer there could be very simple and that is “iPhone 5”!  Apple is rumoured to be prepping the new device to be released later this year in the Autumn.  Do not be surprised if that is alongwide the new iPod announcements which come in the Fall, cioncidentally when iOS 5 should be released.  With Apple looking to play hard with Android, why would they out all the new features now when there will be lots to talk about over a new iPhone as well?

Excited?  Tell us about it!


Apple Keynote WWDC – 6th June 2011

6 Jun

The video of todays Apple Keynote is now available for one and all (with internet access 😉 ) from the Apple website.


Things productivity app for Mac, iPad & iPhone tested

19 May

I am big on anything which helps me organise my to do tasks and keep focussed on what are the most important tasts.  My only issue is that I do not want to be messing around for ages trying to figure the app out.  I have also been really disappointed by many productivity apps in working across all the platforms I use (for me Mac, iPad and iPhone).

So when a friend recommended Things to me I thought I would give it a go.  I was a little disappointed that I could not try without buying but once I got in to the app it was clear that would not be a problem as I became increasingly impressed.  So here are the features I like;

  • It will handle to-dos, notes, due dates and provides ability to have individual project areas.
  • You can track what is due today, what is coming up whats next, pretty much any way you like using the Smart task lists.
  • I can enter repeating tasks.
  • It can sync with my iCal Mac calender program.
  • If something pops in to my mind to do and I need to note it quickly, I can make a Quick Entry rather than going through loads of options.
  • I particularly like the “Someday” filing feature for those tasks I would like to get round to or projects I am thinking of doing but will wait.  This feature is particularly good as it stops those someday features disappearing from my mind altogether so I never get round to thinking about them.
  • Logbook keeps a record of all my completed tasks so I can go back if I am unsure or want to review or pull back in old tasks for whatever reason.
  • I like the way I can tag tasks, to-dos etc with my own tags.
But ultimatelty what I really like about the app is how I can sync it across iPad and iPhone as well to keep all my devices up to date as to what I have coming up and when things are due.  And it works great as long as you have all your devices on the same wireless network.
There are a few draw backs;
  • You have to pay for the app on each of your devices so I had to pay for my Mac app, iPhone app and iPad app.  Pricing is reasonable but they should really think about a discount for those users who are effectively buying all the cross platform apps at the same time.
  • It only syncs across devices on same wireless network.  Its not a great problem but it would have been great to sync over the mobile network especially given that my iPad is 3G enabled.
  • It is not really built to send tasks between different users even though you can add colleagues so over a network even, it is not a standard feature albeit they do have a workaround but all seems a little stressing when it could be built in to work the Mac way, seemlessly.
The developers Cultured Code are always proiding updates so no doubt they will start to bring new features (as they do), provide bug fixes (as they do) and hopefully sort something out on my three issues with the app.
Having said all of that I think this is a terrific app and well worth buying especially if you would like simplicity without compromise.  It’s even won awards!
Available on Mac App Store for your Mac and iTunes for iPhone and iPad or see their website using link above.