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Nintendo Wii U May Be More Powerful Than The Best

14 Jun

Kotaku are reporting that the Nintendo Wii U may actually be pretty powerful, more so than the Xbox 360 and PS3.  And this is coming from developers who are working on new games for the console.  This may therefore be much more reliable than the usual random sources.  Check out the article to read more.



The Future Of Playstation

9 Jun

This weeks E3 was a glorious event celebrating what is now a very established, powerful and in our opinion joy giving industry.  But some have noted that Sony seemed to stand in the shadow of Microsoft and Nintendo.

For the Microsoft Xbox 360, it quickly became the year Kinect appears to be coming of age and in to it’s own with now support spilling in to mainstream gaming title such as Mass Effect 3 and a Star Wars branded game.  And they were not the only ones.  Indeed, the Fall due upgraded dashboard with voice recognition, Live TV and greater Kinect interactivity alone was a major message behind what Microsoft see as the future of gaming.

Nintendo came out with that controller!  The Wii U and it’s controller signals intent by Nintendo alongside being embraced by mainstream game titles alike to bring Nintendo in to the Living Room Hub game with features like video calls, touch screen drawing and a console which does not have to dominate the TV!

Sony indeed did bring out the new PS Vita which marked their next move forward in to portable gaming.  But that is a market that is becoming increasingly competitive with even Apple getting in on the act through the impressively growing array of gaming titles for iOS devices and indeed reports today that AppleTV and an iOS device such as an iPad may start to even compete directly with the Wii U concept.  Android and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play are further diversifying the portable gaming market and creating some huge choices for the consumer.  And the Nintendo 3DS!

Now a year in the games industry is not a great deal of time and next year it would not surprise any of us if Sony hit us all with a Playstation 4.  But where will the PS4 fit with Kinect taking control of the no controller needed environment and Wii U bringing the interactive gaming experience with a motion control and multi view gaming to a new level (check out the golf shot from the Wii U promo video).  Sony are capable of bringing something special that we can not think of but Xbox is catching up Sony for content on the Entertainment front outside of gaming (video playback, music hub, TV, social networking etc).  They may feel (as hinted by the Playstation 3D gaming TV set they announced – which is pretty neat) that the future of gaming console wars is to be fought over the 3D market but I am not convinced this is going to universally catch on with movies and TV nevermind gaming.  There is still resistance to having to wear a 3D pair of glasses to get the best experience.  Sony still has the edge on Blu-Ray but is this a move to protect their investment in the format?  Downloads and content streaming are increasingly where the market is moving.

And while Sony are looking at the PS4, Microsoft will surely already be looking ahead too.  Where this will all take us, we will have to wait and see, but it is hard to see where the PS will catch up and indeed overtake the Xbox.

Next years E3 will certainly be very interesting!


Prepare for Resistance 3 on 6th September 2011

7 Jun

Set is 1957 four years after R2, the lead charachter Joseph Capelli will make a last ditch stand against The Chimera in NYC.  The announcement yesterday outed a bundle containing the game, the sharp shooter, a PlayStation Move motion controller, a navigation controller and a PlayStation Eye Camera.  The game will also have 3D and Playstation Move capability.


Playstation Vita Announced

7 Jun

Sonys visin of the future of portable gaming has been outed at E3.  The PS Vita will cross gaming with social networking.  Packing a 5 inch touch OLED screen, dual gaming pads and analogue sticks.

Sony have annouced two new services, Playstation Near and Playstation Party although detail is pretty scant on these, Party is to play with friends wherever they may be and Near to play with people directly around you.

Sony is effectively setting up the PS Lite to provide news ways to intereact with the world, your friends and family and gaming.

More details are sure to start following in abundance but one last piece of info is that Sony’s official 3G partner will be AT&T.

By the way, Vita means Life!

Comments please!


Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

7 Jun

So if you managed to read about the stunning MW3 gameplay demo at E3 today we thought you may want to check out the trailer again or for the first time, presented here via You Tube for your convenience!!!

Lets us know your comments and how excited you are (or not) about MW3 in the comments section below.


Need For Speed: The Run

6 Jun

So amongst the huge amounts of stuff going on at E3 and particularly the Xbox Press Conference today, we spotted the updated frnachise for Need for Speed.  And this time we think it looks pretty damn cool!

In a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York you race and fight off an army of other drivers and racers and the ammo to boot.  Additionally, the interface brings the best career tracking to date.  Comparing times through connecting with your friends and competing to a new level.

Check out the fresh trailor below available from You Tube.

In a no holds barred cross-country race from San Francisco to New York, you’ll fight an army of racers and a hailstorm of bullets both inside and outside of the car.


Someone Really Does Not Like Sony

3 Jun

There are various reports that Sony has been hacked again.  Not this time the Playstation Network but Sony Pictures.  LulxSec are said to have “easily” hacked Sony and have said they wanted to in effect teach them a lesson rather than make any gain.

They say they are not however responsible for the previous hack.

Are you worried?