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Hats Off To This Google Doodle!

9 Jun

Being an avid guitar fan, I have never had as much fun with a Google doodle, or indeed a website, for some time.  So before it leaves, quickly go and check out the latest Google Doodle and play yourself happy! The doodle celebrates what would have been the 96th birthday of guitar legend Les Paul, who died in 2009.


My Favourite Android Stuff!

19 May

Number 1 – Google Android USB Stick and Keyring

Number 2 – Google Android Mug & Spoon

Number 3 – Google Android Plushie

Number 4 – Google Android Sticker Sheet

and finally my favourite altogether….

Number 5 – Google Andoid Kids Cap


What the Android is going on…….?

19 May

It seems to me that what is damaging to Android is choice of a handsets.

I have an iPhone and I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 but I can not get over the choice for Android which I need to do quickly.  So everyone rates the HTC Wildfire and everybody loves the Samsung Galaxy S but now there is a new Galaxy S on it’s way out and I thought the first one had only been out five minutes!

And then what about the Google Nexus One handset.  You know, a Google handset, but for bananas sake then everyone picks the Samsung in reviews.

And I won’t even go near the tablets and the mess we are starting to see there.  Google is updating the Android OS all the time and it seems if you have had a phone for 5 minutes then you get left behind… but worse still it matters as it has implications on the apps you want to use.

Gizmodo have provide a reasonable guide but the basic principle seems to be spend as much money as you can or have a handset that will probably be just about out of date already.

And I even thought Apple were bananas in this regard, but looks as though at least you get a full year and probably two before the IOS upgrades outdate your handset.  But even then I still know people using the original iPhone quite happily.

You see, the OS seems to be really good and in the right handset it seems to give Apple a run for their money.  So I really do not understand it.  Now I know some people will not agree with this view, seeing lack of choice as a bad thing.  Those same people will also hate that Apple for example, really lock down the phone (unless you jailbreak it) so you really do have to live by their rules.  And this is where Android can really win over even more people. I doubt however, it will convince those who have enjoyed an iPhone already though, or at least not for long before they go back to the phone that you have to live by the manufacturers rules with.  But that is also the iPhone’s beauty, it works, brilliantly and it does not take long to choose the right handset.

It would be interesting if Google decide there can only be a maximum of say 5 new handsets at some point.  They already endorse a handset and that is good.

I am sure most will talk about loads more accessability but I am still wondering where to swing in!

So how does it go then…

Well it seems to me that if you are on a low budget try and get yourself an HTC Wildfire and if you want the most upto date and probably the best (according to critics), then wait a short while longer and get the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Then enjoy…for a while anyway.

In the meantime, I hope to have made my mind up soon……………………………..