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Microsoft Embracing Unofficial Hackers Of Kinect?

17 Jun

Microsoft this week released the beta version of its Kinect non-commercial software development kit (SDK).

Gamespot report that “The Kinect SDK includes drivers for using the camera with Windows-based PCs, as well as source code samples, including a simple game where users interact with shapes falling from the top of the screen. Using voice commands, players can change the size, speed, color, and shape of the falling objects.”

This is a major move fromMicrosoft, will they be allowing developers to build their own Apps for publish on Xbox Live?  They previously seemed to frown on the unoffocial but often cool and funny hacks of Kinect.  Maybe they are now seeing this as a major opportunity to further embed the Xbox in peoples living rooms.


Kinect Will Be Much More Prevanlent In The Future

10 Jun

Asked about Kinect support in Microsoft titles, Gamespot report that , Game Studios boss Phil Spencer remarked:

There are some things that just seem to make navigating and playing games much easier…in the end, you’ll see all first-party games using some form of Kinect functionality.

“Whether it’s voice in Forza or head-tracking in Forza, which you wouldn’t say is somehow turning the Forza gameplay experience on it’s head,” he continued. “Rather, it’s just using the advantages of what Kinect brings to make the experience better. So I think there’s some specific examples where Kinect makes everything better.”

Lets us know your thoughts in the comments.


Mass Effect 3 Outed with Voice Controls and Kinect Support

7 Jun

In case you missed all the detail yesterday from the Microsoft E3 announcement, check out the trailer above.

Bioware outed the project officially yesterday with confirmation that the game will pack voice controls and Kinect support.  Awesome!  They are touting it as the best in the series and a new edge to gaming so it should be something to look forward to in an ever improving franchise.

Will you be buying it and will all the Kinect activity announced yesterday tempt you to finally take the plunge with a brand new Kinect? 😉