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iCloud & Apple

2 Jun

We have a sneaky feeling there will be some big surprises on Monday when Apple gives details of the future of iOS, OSX and their “cloud based services”.

It is certainly not like Apple to announce beforehand what the keynote speech will cover albeit it is usually already widely known through the hints and graphics used to announce when the keynotes will take place along with the press invites.

The iCloud concept has been muted for some time now and with Amazon and Google already providing such streaming services and the concept of Spotify heavily subscribed to in some parts, it has given Apple an opportunity to do something they do well.  Sit back, observe and take stock.

In this process, you can usually guarantee that there will be some Wow to the keynote, an angle that only Apple could have delivered or thought of and a way that such services will work that only Apple efficiency can deliver.  And given the investment Apple has made in to their data centre and announcements that there will be more data centres, then the reality dawns that Apple has been looking at this for a long time, and they have been able to consider what they will deliver for a long time.

The fact that the keynote will also cover iOS and OSX future releases, and that MobileMe is due an upgrade (even perhaps iTunes is due one), then it all points to the sort of synronicity and cross device features that Apple have become so good at.

Stay with us on Monday for details.


More Evidence of Apple iCloud?

19 May

Patently Apple are reporting a patent highlighting Apples plans for a Cloud media streaming service.  But the article suggests there is something unique about the way the service is to be delivered.

To avoid streaming problems, the media source is partially locally stored.  See Patently Apple for their full article.

Given the reports suggesting Apple has done a deal for media streaming with EMI and on brink of other similar deals, this all points to hopefully something imminent, perhaps as early as June at the next Apple Developers Conference.


Apple signs deal with music companies for iCloud licensing?

19 May

Some reports kicking around this morning giving a clear indication of Apples plans to introduce Cloud streaming to our Apple devices.  CNET is reporting a deal has been signed between Apple and EMI with other big players to closely follow.  So it now appears its a matter of when not if and perhaps Apples annual June announcement will be the time and place.

So what about new hardware to signal the release of iCloud streaming from Apple, we are some way off normal new iPod  announcements but with many reporting the iPhone update this year will not be until September, is it likely that Apple has switched the iPod and iPhone announcements this year in terms of their scheduling from past annual announcements?

We are likely to find out soon.  So June could be a big month, Lion OSX, iCloud, possible new hardware and a revised MobileMe offerring which has been rumoured for some time.  And then later in the yeat iPhone 4s or 5 and iOS 5?

Do you get the feeling the Apple machine is gearing to drop some pretty big announcements in the market?