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Prepare for Resistance 3 on 6th September 2011

7 Jun

Set is 1957 four years after R2, the lead charachter Joseph Capelli will make a last ditch stand against The Chimera in NYC.  The announcement yesterday outed a bundle containing the game, the sharp shooter, a PlayStation Move motion controller, a navigation controller and a PlayStation Eye Camera.  The game will also have 3D and Playstation Move capability.


Playstation Vita Announced

7 Jun

Sonys visin of the future of portable gaming has been outed at E3.  The PS Vita will cross gaming with social networking.  Packing a 5 inch touch OLED screen, dual gaming pads and analogue sticks.

Sony have annouced two new services, Playstation Near and Playstation Party although detail is pretty scant on these, Party is to play with friends wherever they may be and Near to play with people directly around you.

Sony is effectively setting up the PS Lite to provide news ways to intereact with the world, your friends and family and gaming.

More details are sure to start following in abundance but one last piece of info is that Sony’s official 3G partner will be AT&T.

By the way, Vita means Life!

Comments please!


Someone Really Does Not Like Sony

3 Jun

There are various reports that Sony has been hacked again.  Not this time the Playstation Network but Sony Pictures.  LulxSec are said to have “easily” hacked Sony and have said they wanted to in effect teach them a lesson rather than make any gain.

They say they are not however responsible for the previous hack.

Are you worried?


PS4 – No A New Playstation 4?

27 May

Just to confirm what you must have already assumed.  Sony are developing a new Playstation 4 or PS4 as some like to say.  That is according yo widespread reports today detailing quotes from Sony CFO, Masaru Kato on a conference call with investors asnwering questions about Research & Development costs.

Like us you are probably not surprised and whether you are or not, check out the concept pictures we posted not too long ago!

Also let us know what you would like to see from a PS4 in the comments section below.


First Glimpse Of Fifa 12 from EA Sports

27 May

FIFA 12 | Player Impact Engine Trailer | EA SPORTS Football

EA Sports have released the first glimpse of Fifa 12 boasting an incredible new Player Impact Engine.  Also however are a lot of the comments made by current Fifa gamers including a desire to sort our on line gaming issues and concentrating on flowing game play and so on.

What do you want from Fifa 12?  Let us know in the comments below.


PSP Games Heading For the PS3

23 May

Sony have announced that they are to port key PSP titles across to the PS3 in HD and with key feature enhancements.  It is not yet clear which titles will be coming across and we have also read on other reports that gamers will be able to play across both formats and move game saves.  It may well be not all features and enhancements will be available on all ports of the PSP games but still a pretty nifty development for PSP and PS3 gamers.


Modern Warfare 3

18 May

So just in case you did not know, there has been an official annoucement that MW3 will be released on November 8th. Hopefully there will be much more official detail soon as everything else has just been rumour so far!