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HP Touchpad on You Tube

13 Jun

Hp have released the following You Tube videos which is just in time for the UK pre order date for the new tablet.  If you fancy a look, check out the official You Tube channel as there are lots more than these!

Also check out HP’s website on the Touchpad.



Find My iPhone Updated

8 Jun

Find My iPhone now includes two good and wanted but simple upgrades

When you’re device has been stolen, one work around for the thief was to turn it off!  While off, the phone can not be traced.  Well now you will receive an email if the device is switched back on and located.

If you lose/forget/throw away (madness) a device, you can now also remove it from the Find My iPhone device list.

So there you go, two simple but good additions and thieves watch out! Don’t forget though, you need to configure Find My iPhone on your device first for it to work.


Pages, Numbers & Keynote for iPhone

3 Jun

So we have finally been able to test out the iWork suite which was released to iPhone users this week.

Overall, we have to say it is impressive and sits comfortably alongside the iWork suite that is also available for the iPad.  Functinality is in fact pretty much the same as the iPad with a lot of formating, insertion and reviewing options available.

We will not go in to the full nuts and bolts but generally, if you are out and about and need to quickly adapt a document or review a document and you do not have your laptop with you, the iPhone auite handles to the task you would expect to be able to do impressively.  Having said that we had some trouble opening up some of our Keynotes saved to iDisk but otherwise it all seemed to work pretty well.

If you have been thinking of buying the iWork suite or part of it, then we would highly recommend them but one word of caution, if you are planning of working your whole document requirements from the iPhone screen we would found that this was just a little tedious.  Our view is that the iPhone use is great for quickly reviewing or changing docs sent to you or that you have run out of time to work on in the office, but it will of course not replace the full suite on your Mac.  That is probably the intention.  Keynote however is oretty handy on the iPhone if you want to connect your device to an external display to make a presentation from your device with functions to assist.

The suite offers a good variety of the standard templates you can pick up from the full version of iWork, all of course customisable.  Opening up Microsoft office docs seems to work pretty well too.  Edit and format functions work well, write using the onscreen keyboard, customise using various fonts, colours, charts and tables.  You can import documents from iTunes, Mail, the web, iDisk or a WebDAV service (we did not test the latter) all pretty well.  Sharing your work is pretty straight forward too via MobileMe iDisk, Mail or via the iWork.com public beta.  Airpint works well too with printing options to boot.

Our preference overall to review docs on the fly would be via an iPad as you would probably expect, but the addition of the suite to the iPhone is welcome and will come in very handy, particularly given that purchase of the iWork for iOS suite means it is ready for iPad and iPhone without separate purchases making the price even better value for money.

All in all, Apple has delivered a great transfer to the iPhone at a good price.  Let us know what you think and any of your own observations in the comments section below.


New iCloud Icon and $25 per year for the iCloud Service?

3 Jun

AppleInsider have posted the above image of a banner set for Mondays announcement from Apple of iCloud services along with the future of OSX and iOS to be detailed.

The LA Times is also reporting that the iCloud service will likely cost $25 per annum.  Not sure how that will relate to other parts of the world and how this will dove tail in with “free” elements of iCloud which are reportedly to be packaged in with OS X Lion.

We will have to wait and see how much detail we get on Monday but our bet is that the service is probably going to be pretty quickly available.


iCloud & Apple

2 Jun

We have a sneaky feeling there will be some big surprises on Monday when Apple gives details of the future of iOS, OSX and their “cloud based services”.

It is certainly not like Apple to announce beforehand what the keynote speech will cover albeit it is usually already widely known through the hints and graphics used to announce when the keynotes will take place along with the press invites.

The iCloud concept has been muted for some time now and with Amazon and Google already providing such streaming services and the concept of Spotify heavily subscribed to in some parts, it has given Apple an opportunity to do something they do well.  Sit back, observe and take stock.

In this process, you can usually guarantee that there will be some Wow to the keynote, an angle that only Apple could have delivered or thought of and a way that such services will work that only Apple efficiency can deliver.  And given the investment Apple has made in to their data centre and announcements that there will be more data centres, then the reality dawns that Apple has been looking at this for a long time, and they have been able to consider what they will deliver for a long time.

The fact that the keynote will also cover iOS and OSX future releases, and that MobileMe is due an upgrade (even perhaps iTunes is due one), then it all points to the sort of synronicity and cross device features that Apple have become so good at.

Stay with us on Monday for details.


DC Comics Embrace Digital Editions With Huge Announcement

1 Jun

If you are a fan of reading your comics from an iPad (as we are), then there was some great news today.

The news is that all new print comics from DC (Batman and Superman being the tip of the giant offerrings) will be released in digital format at the same time.  This is great news and the change is to take effect from 31st August 2011.  No announcement on any special arrangements for such downloads, we guess via the official iPad DC Comics App.

Now lets see how Marvel react.  Great to hear your views, is it the end of the traditional comic store (lets hope not)?


iWork for iPhone!

1 Jun

Great news for iWork lovers as you can now download the apps for your iPhone and if you already have it for iPad, it comes as a free upgrade for your iOS iPhone devices.

Testing later and will update with our views of how it all works on the smaller iOS screen.

Get it now from iTunes & the App Store.


Believe the Hype…

20 May

Hype 1.0 is a new App on the Mac App Store that allows you to create simple but creative websites using HTML5.  Simple and easy to use, attractive websites can be yours in a few clicks with a Keynote like usability to the program, and you can even create animated sites.

The App works well creating sites that work as well on IOS devices as OSX and the reality is that it is pretty well priced.

So if you fancy building your first personal website or if you are a seasoned pro and want to knock something up quickly that works well and looks attractive, check out Hype.

Available now on the Mac App Store.

We are bananas about it!


Things productivity app for Mac, iPad & iPhone tested

19 May

I am big on anything which helps me organise my to do tasks and keep focussed on what are the most important tasts.  My only issue is that I do not want to be messing around for ages trying to figure the app out.  I have also been really disappointed by many productivity apps in working across all the platforms I use (for me Mac, iPad and iPhone).

So when a friend recommended Things to me I thought I would give it a go.  I was a little disappointed that I could not try without buying but once I got in to the app it was clear that would not be a problem as I became increasingly impressed.  So here are the features I like;

  • It will handle to-dos, notes, due dates and provides ability to have individual project areas.
  • You can track what is due today, what is coming up whats next, pretty much any way you like using the Smart task lists.
  • I can enter repeating tasks.
  • It can sync with my iCal Mac calender program.
  • If something pops in to my mind to do and I need to note it quickly, I can make a Quick Entry rather than going through loads of options.
  • I particularly like the “Someday” filing feature for those tasks I would like to get round to or projects I am thinking of doing but will wait.  This feature is particularly good as it stops those someday features disappearing from my mind altogether so I never get round to thinking about them.
  • Logbook keeps a record of all my completed tasks so I can go back if I am unsure or want to review or pull back in old tasks for whatever reason.
  • I like the way I can tag tasks, to-dos etc with my own tags.
But ultimatelty what I really like about the app is how I can sync it across iPad and iPhone as well to keep all my devices up to date as to what I have coming up and when things are due.  And it works great as long as you have all your devices on the same wireless network.
There are a few draw backs;
  • You have to pay for the app on each of your devices so I had to pay for my Mac app, iPhone app and iPad app.  Pricing is reasonable but they should really think about a discount for those users who are effectively buying all the cross platform apps at the same time.
  • It only syncs across devices on same wireless network.  Its not a great problem but it would have been great to sync over the mobile network especially given that my iPad is 3G enabled.
  • It is not really built to send tasks between different users even though you can add colleagues so over a network even, it is not a standard feature albeit they do have a workaround but all seems a little stressing when it could be built in to work the Mac way, seemlessly.
The developers Cultured Code are always proiding updates so no doubt they will start to bring new features (as they do), provide bug fixes (as they do) and hopefully sort something out on my three issues with the app.
Having said all of that I think this is a terrific app and well worth buying especially if you would like simplicity without compromise.  It’s even won awards!
Available on Mac App Store for your Mac and iTunes for iPhone and iPad or see their website using link above.

More Evidence of Apple iCloud?

19 May

Patently Apple are reporting a patent highlighting Apples plans for a Cloud media streaming service.  But the article suggests there is something unique about the way the service is to be delivered.

To avoid streaming problems, the media source is partially locally stored.  See Patently Apple for their full article.

Given the reports suggesting Apple has done a deal for media streaming with EMI and on brink of other similar deals, this all points to hopefully something imminent, perhaps as early as June at the next Apple Developers Conference.