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Is This The New iPhone 5?

10 Aug

Check out this video of what is being claimed to be a leaked webpage from Apple for the new iPhone 5.  Check out while you can as my guess is that Apple will get this off the web pretty quickly!




iPhone 5 To Have Curved Screen?

23 May

Digitimes are reporting that Apple has acquired 200-300 glass cutting machines to produce curved screens for the new iPhone 5.  Apple are reportedly acquiring the machines as there is little appetite from manufacturers to do so given the high amount of capital involved.

It would be quite a departure for the iPhone design and harks to the former iPod Nano screen and design which of course was not touch screen.

What do you think, please leave some comments with your thoughts.


iPhone Notifications Concept

23 May

I saw this a couple of weeks ago but thought I would post reference to it in case any of you have not seen it.  It shows a notifications concept for the iPhone which I have to say looks pretty nifty! Hopefully Apple will like it too and introduce something like it or better than this.